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Overcoming the challenges of hybrid work environments

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New normal
Hybrid working is on the rise, and while it offers numerous benefits, it also presents a range of challenges. Here we explore how video conferencing set-ups can help you overcome potential difficulties.

Pre-2020, hybrid work environments were slowly starting to seep into mainstream society. Then along came a virus of such magnitude nobody could have predicted the impact it would have. Our lives changed forever and many teams were ordered to work remotely.

Fast forward to today, and people are trickling back to the office, some full-time, others for a few days a week. Others will remain working from home for the foreseeable future.

So will things ever go back to how they were pre-pandemic? We don’t think so, and here’s why...

Organisations still face challenges when it comes to hybrid work environments, but these teething problems can be overcome fairly quickly when a robust, well-thought-out strategy is put in place.

Having technology readily available to both remote and in-office workers, anywhere they are in the world, is the key to strong collaboration. Video conferencing and other virtual technologies help to bridge the gap between in-person and digital collaboration.

And while many of us may have had a bad experience with video conferencing at one point or another, just like you’d ask an expert to advise you on what computer you need, you should also rely on an expert to help with your video conferencing set-up. There are endless possibilities to help strengthen any hybrid working scenario.

Virtual client meetings

Whether it’s a new client or a long-standing one, building a rapport is key to keeping business relationships moving. The way you communicate says a lot about your brand and your company. If a client isn’t able to hear, see or interact with your employees the way they expect to, it could damage the reputation of your business.

Benefits of meeting clients virtually through video conferencing

Internal collaboration and briefings supported by video conferencing

Poor internet connections can affect those on both sides of a video conference call. And while you can’t always control the connections and equipment others use, you can ensure that the experience provided from your side is the best it possibly can be.

Video conferencing offers a layer of connectivity that a phone call can’t. Face-to-face interaction gives a sense of togetherness and helps relationships to thrive remotely. Screen-sharing takes interaction to a whole new level and enhances the collaborative experience.

Global capabilities

When teams or clients are across the world, there needs to be a robust and consistent set-up that can seamlessly switch from continent to continent. Whether it’s New York or New Guinea, a video conferencing set-up opens up the talent pool for your organisation and widens the net for new clients.

Keeping the one-team spirit alive

While many global organisations have functioned with remote working for years, those that are new to the game will have noticed that team morale can slip if communication isn’t consistent, frequent and collaborative.

Video conferencing gives you all the benefits of working together, without the effort or financial investment required to all be in the same room. Whether using it for meetings or social get-togethers, the uses for video conferencing are growing every day.

Better documentation

When most teams were office-based, many meetings were held without minutes being taken or a detailed trail of what was discussed written anywhere. With video conferencing, many solutions offer free recording and cloud hosting so that you can keep audio and video files of the meetings.

Specialist examples of challenging hybrid work environments

Physical and mental health appointments

When offering a professional service – be that a private or public one – reputation is everything.

If this is jeopardised by faulty connections or poor quality audio or video, your personal professionalism could come into question, as well as that of your organisation.

Ensuring your organisation has the most suitable set-up for your patients will give them the best experience possible and the standard of care they deserve.

Virtual events and training

When people are paying good money to attend an event that isn’t in-person, it can be hard to mirror the tangible value of physical attendance. Video conferencing solutions help to support virtual events and training by providing a professional set-up, enabling collaboration and using technological features to enhance the delivery and experience.

Virtual legal trials

Some trials and courtroom meetings have had to be held remotely during the pandemic, and some have continued this practice. The need for a reliable video conferencing service that offers interoperability is crucial. The wrong set-up could conjure up a whole host of issues and undermine the integrity of the legal proceedings.

How can virtual trials succeed virtually?


Keeping students engaged is challenging at the best of times, let alone when it is carried out remotely. That’s why reliable video conferencing technology that minimises disruption is needed to sustain a high quality of teaching and lesson accessibility.

Can video conferencing support your hybrid work environment?

If you are considering investing in video conferencing, or enhancing your existing set-up, ensure you talk to the experts in video and audio conference technology. At CI.Connect, we pride ourselves on our brand-agnostic approach, providing only the solutions that are right for your organisation and addressing the specific challenges your teams are facing.

Speak to us today to book your free consultation.

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