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CI-Connect specialises in the design, installation and support of video communication, audio visual and collaboration solutions for many business, education, healthcare and government sectors.

We can help your organisation enhance communication, improve productivity, increase efficiency and create an overall better meeting environment through utilizing various technology systems.

Here at CI-Connect we believe it's of great importance for companies and businesses to have the right technology and equipment, to not only help them function as they require, but to also help them grow as a business. Whether it's Video Conferencing equipment for meetings and boardrooms or Audio Visual Displays for digital signage and smart boards, it's imperative to you, and your business, that this equipment works and works well.

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  • Listening and understanding our clients’ requirements
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders understand and agree to the project’s scope
  • Work with our clients to create a project and ‘best practice’ action plan

Ci-Connect Ltd offer a complete solution from start to finish no matter what your Video Conferencing or Audio Visual requirements may be.

We will discuss all of your needs in our consultancy stage and make sure your important requirements are taken through to the design stage where we will come up with the best possible solution for you and your business, taking into consideration budget, structure, future proofing and much more.

We will then implement the solution (once we've agreed upon the best route to take) and this can include everything from Video Conferencing and Audio Visual equipment through to all the required licenses, furniture and even lighting.

Once the install is complete we will offer first class training to you are your staff and are always on hand for support whenever it is needed.

We believe that Video conferencing is the best and most effective collaboration tool for business and organisations of every size and that not only are these solutions here to stay, but they will only become more and more common practice for global communication and collaboration needs.

  • Investigate the technologies that are required
  • Production of relevant schematics
  • Ensure the specification is correct and agreed
  • Installation planning
  • Logistics & resource organisation
  • Commissioning of the solution along with relevant training
  • Technical helpdesk support
  • Onsite maintenance contracts
  • Providing our clients with initial and on-going user training