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Video Conferencing

4 business problems powerful video conferencing solutions can solve

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Discover the variety of prominent business problems that can be resolved or bettered through access to robust video conferencing solutions.

The world has changed and video conferencing has helped us all to adapt to new ways of working. While many businesses have resumed some face-to-face interaction, some are fully embracing the world of virtual communication.

While in-person exchanges can never be fully replaced, video conferencing solutions are solving problems for organisations in ways we never thought possible.

Business benefits of video conferencing

Here are 4 common business problems video conferencing is challenging every day…

#1 Meetings aren’t focused

Offices are generally very busy environments. While some people thrive in them, others can find it distracting. When meetings are held around the table, conversations can spur off into different directions, interruptions occur and they are more likely to be pushed back.

Likewise, if they are called sporadically, an agenda isn’t usually set and this can lead to long-winded discussions that are less than productive.

What video conferencing can do is create a space that’s free of distractions, interruptions and encourage people to set agendas when sending their requests.

#2 Not enough is being done to help save the environment

The quality of virtual meetings (with the right conferencing set-up) are higher than ever before, and attitudes towards them are – on the whole – a lot more positive since the pandemic began. This means that generally clients, customers, suppliers, employees and the general public are much more familiar and open to virtual meetings than they would have been historically.

With video conferencing providing a virtual portal of communication to any location, and tighter working practices put in place to accommodate this digital shift, this opens up a literal world of opportunities for organisations. Relationships can be built, obtained and retained remotely. Employees can feel part of a team from across continents. Clients can be wowed without the need for in-person contact.

Fewer physical meetings means less travel, and less environmental damage being done by your company. You save time, money and help to reduce the carbon footprint from cars, planes and more.

#3 A struggle to find quality talent

With recruitment having been largely remote during the pandemic, interviews in the form of video conference calls have been embraced. Organisations have also become more open to managing employees remotely, which has reduced the need to be in the office or on-site.

This means that recruitment is taking place more further afield than ever before. Companies have proven that staff can be productive from anywhere in the world, and the video conferencing solutions we offer can provide a reliable way to manage and communicate with employees from anywhere.

Attitudes towards remote working

#4 Time is precious and limited

In order to set up a video conference call, you need to know why you are having it and what needs to be achieved. The simple act of virtually inviting someone to your meeting encourages a focused discussion, and with start and finish times set, everyone can do their best to remain on track.

As well as keeping interactions focused, the reduced need to travel means that more meetings can be had, and that employees spend more time in the office.

Will organisations ever move away from video conferencing?

Video conferencing took off because of the circumstances the pandemic created. It was a means to an end during some difficult times. But what it did for the world was so much more than that. It has opened up the eyes of businesses to new ways of working, reduced resistance to new technology and created new opportunities along the way.

It’s highly unlikely that video conferencing will ever phase-out. It has become a staple business need in almost every aspect of how an organisation runs, from the healthcare industry to education and banking.

Video conferencing is streamlining the way the world moves and creating exceptional benefits on both a professional and personal level. Organisations are saving time and money, while fulfilling their obligations to customers, clients, employees and more.

Not sure where to go from here? Why not speak to our experts at CI.Connect about the issues you’re facing, and we’ll help you understand the next steps.

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