Network Solutions

The Network is really the artery of any organisation, with the development of new media, increased data traffic and combined with both voice and video, your network will be the topic of most conversations when discussing your IT and communications infrastructure.

We understand that it is difficult, in fact, almost impossible to plan accurately any future use and capacity requirements within your business.
That is why we have a range of different options that we can combine to do our very best to match your needs, whilst also providing a platform where this can be expanded on when that tipping point has been reached in the future.

We can assist your company with any of the below offerings so please get in touch to find out more;

Wireless Networks

It’s all about anywhere anytime connections, from Wi-Fi, microwave and line of sight technology we can deliver a solution depending on your requirements.
Fixed Line Services

Our point to point Leased Line connections are just the job if you require dedicated, always-on, fixed bandwidth connectivity between two points; to transport data, internet or voice traffic. Leased Lines are incredibly cost effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of traffic between your company’s sites.
. . .

Network and Cabling

DSL technologies providing internet connectivity via your telephone line, SDSL now being the preferred choice with high upload and download speed combined with low contention ideal for business, leased line functionality at DSL pricing.
​Hardware and Software

We can provide a range of networking hardware, fully powered and tested before it arrives with you reducing DOA issues, delivered to the correct address on the correct day at the correct time, our service enhancement includes a telephone call to our client when the courier is 30 minutes from delivery. We are not simply a dump or drop supplier.