Hosting Services

Built to meet your specific needs. We'll mix and match our products so that you get the optimal compute solution for your needs and budget, then leave the rest to us—the hardware, OS patching, monitoring, backups, and more—so you can focus on your business.

Virtual meeting rooms
You can think of a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) as you would think of a physical one: Everyone knows where it is, it has a name, and perhaps even some collaboration tools in it – a few chairs and a table you can sit around and discuss. And of course, it has a screen where you can share information, documents, presentations, and much more.

How people cooperate and collaborate has changed dramatically over the past few years. The availability of tools, driven in a large part by consumer electronics such as smart phones and tablets, has changed how people consume information, where they can access it, and how. So too with visual collaboration and the way people work. Even children today find the use of visual meetings simple and easy through the use of Skype and FaceTime, and expect visual communications.

Work culture is driven by this. When do you want to meet and discuss? Now, when we have the idea, or later, when the collaboration meeting room is free? With a VMR, you can meet ad-hoc, when you have something to say, and not be constrained by meeting room and system availability.

Audio conferencing
Simple and easy audio conferencing, for small meetings or large events, at anytime, anywhere.
Instantly organise and manage your conference calls with crystal clear audio while ensuring all attendees are able to effortlessly join and participate.
Use this simple, on-demand service for impromptu or scheduled meetings at anytime, anywhere

SIP services
You no longer need costly, locally-installed phone systems and software installations. Control your company's entire phone system through your web browser with a cloud solution. All your communication and configuration settings are where you want them: in your browser. When using SIP Services, your staff have complete access to all of their communications in a single web interface. They can look up missed calls from anywhere, divert calls to other phones and collaborate with their co-workers.

Share knowledge and communicate business-critical information via video, audio and data streaming. This single appliance solution ensures that live and on-demand videos are easily accessible from any location and on more devices - including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and iPhones.

Record and broadcast executive updates, business presentations, sales meetings, training sessions, data or diagrams to anywhere in the world. Integrated with video conferencing systems, streaming HD quality video to hundreds of viewers is as simple as pushing a single button.